Selections from 'Negations,'  2023-Ongoing,  Photography

Solo Exhibition:
Wow Atelier, SLC, UT, 2023

15 Bytes Art Magazine

Group Exhibition:
'Rocky Mountain Triennial,' Museum of Art Fort Collins, CO, 2023

"Wo Es war, soll Ich werden" 
Where It (the unconscious) was, shall I be.
          -  Sigmund Freud

"Art is the negative knowledge of the actual world."
          - Theodor Adorno

The West is a Rorschach test and photography a conjuring. The photograph pulses as an echo of an instant as the ‘ghost town’ persists as a reflection of a historical process. “Give me a boy until he is seven,” Aristotle said, “and I’ll show you the man.” These pictures are windows into the repressed contradictions of our collective unconscious. For this land, of course, was taken from Native people, their cultures systematically obliterated to make way for a "City Upon a Hill." So what then is a ghost town? Mile marker of Manifest Destiny? Dreamworld of a guilty conscience? "Negation," says Freud, "is a way of taking cognizance of what is repressed."  Acknowledgement in the form of denial is the structure of American ideology.